Who we are

*CLAUDIE design is a company with a rich history, dating back to 1979. Starting from a small furniture
workshop in a small town near Wroclaw, it developed, passing successive stages of the
thriving Carpenter’s Factory, whose face from a small craft company turned into an enterprise
employing over 200 employees.

Kamil Pienio

President / Co-owner

Przemek Pienio

President / Co-owner

Our story

Back in the last century, in 1999, we put the first upholstered chair into production, which gave rise to a whole dynasty of unconventional fine furniture. A year later, we were already producing 300 pieces a month. In 2001, it was already 500 each month. We knew that this trend could not be interrupted. In 2004, after numerous investments, we were able to produce more than 2,000 chairs per month. Importantly, despite the significant increase in production, we have not allowed ourselves to compromise on quality. In this respect, we are constantly raising our game.


Commencement of operations by Stanisław Pienio in Prusice near Wrocław - business profile: furniture production.


Starting production of upholstered furnitures.


Launching the production of upholstered chairs on a wider scale (2000 pcs. monthly) to the Benelux countries and finishing the production of upholstered furniture (sofas, corners).


*CLAUDIE design begins sales in Poland along with a new visual identity of the company.


Increase in chair production (2000 pieces weekly). Establishing cooperation with 25 partner stores in Poland.


Succesful business

We produce upholstered chairs and armchairs, adjusting
our offer to diverse needs and serving you with advice in
choosing the right solutions. We work with both individual
and corporate clients, hotels, restaurants and other public facilities.


Chairs and frames are made of the best quality materials and craftsmanship with every detail to preserve as much as possible from upholstery and carpentry craftsmanship.

Our mission

We are convinced that the newly defined strategy *CLAUDIE design and the changes made will
bring all our Partners benefits in the form of increased turnover and acquisition of new buyers of
our unique upholstered chairs.