Warsaw HOME 2019

CLAUDIE at Warsaw Home 2019

CLAUDIE debuted in the 2019 edition.
Our stand designed by talented designer Nikodem Szpunar received the StandOut award.

Success of the Year

Success of the year! This prestigious event, which every year focuses on the world of media, art and business in Poland.
Claudie design was honored with the statuette “Success of the Year 2019”.

On March 30, was held for the ninth time. The organizer and originator is Mariusz Pujszo, publisher of the magazine ‘Personality and Success’.
The Statuettes were awarded for exceptional achievements in the field of creativity, entrepreneurship and social initiatives.
Once again, the “Personality and Successes of the Year 2019” gala was organized in the luxurious Pałac i Folwark Łochów Hotel near Warsaw,
which was visited by celebrities.

*CLAUDIE design
        upholstered chairs

*CLAUDIE design’s philosophy:
Unique upholstered chairs

This slogan reflects the current philosophy of our actions. We want the upholstered chairs from *CLAUDIE design to be perceived as exceptional chairs – not only because of their craftsmanship – but because they co-create the aesthetics of the space in which they are located.


We want to make customers aware of the value and importance of chairs in their life and surroundings. Put an end to the instrumental treatment of the chair only as an ordinary piece of furniture used for comfortable sitting.

*CLAUDIE design’s new category:
Solo Chairs

*CLAUDIE design wants to move chairs from the shadows and place them in the center of
attention, which in a special form represents our new category of Solo Chairs – that is, selected models
of free-standing chairs, designed to perform decorative functions.



*Claudie Design - unique upholstered chairs

We create chairs that organize and beautify the space, making it unique and inspiring, because for
us in Claudie Design – upholstered chair is more than just a piece of furniture used for sitting. After all,
each of our clients is unique and deserves a special place.




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